Ukraine. Lviv



FoxLab interior for a 65m2 apartment in Lviv. When your apartment radiates light, harmony and positive energy The magic of the atmosphere enchants and immerses into the world of absolute understanding, inspiration and peace of mind. Solemnity is present in every corner of the interior and charges a positive attitude. Bright and warm decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling visually increases a small area. Competently planned by the designers allowed to zone the kitchen, but at the same time leave additional space by placing the sofa area opposite the entrance.

The door to the bedroom and bathroom is made with a lining of bronze mirrors, in the same composition with panels around the doors, they create, singing the usual element into an interior solution symmetrical installation. Transparent cabinets and display cases are illuminated with warm, diffusing light, which creates a sunny mood in the interior. In such an apartment you will always feel happy and positive!