Designer supervision is the maintenance of the working draft in the process of its implementation to ensure accurate implementation. The service includes consultations on the design project, periodic verification of the result of work performed, shopping trips, selection of specific materials and furniture for the project. Architectural supervision makes sense when the customer independently hires and manages a repair team.

The cost within Kiev is from $ 500 / month. Depending on the complexity.
In Ukraine or overseas travel - the price is negotiable and includes all expenses for flights and accommodation



- Design packages with a list of works and prices here

- Stages of interaction:

1. Meeting with the client in the office, discussion of the details of the project, necessary for the creation of the interior, the location of the main zones, style and color preferences, approximate budget for implementation, registration in the technical task.

2. A site visit for measurements and photofixation, in the absence of access to the site or a remote client work, measurements or a BTI plan are provided.

3 Development of options for planning rooms with furniture

4 Development of the concept of the design project and display in the outline version

5.3D interior visualization in full quality.

6. Execution of working drawings, calculation of estimates for the project.

7. When necessary, integrated implementation (project management) or supervision.




Project management allows the customer to get rid of all the problems associated with repair work, communication with builders, solving technical issues and interacting with a huge number of contractors and suppliers.

Project management includes:

1. Purchase and delivery of rough and clean materials, furniture, household appliances, interior items and decor.

2. Interaction with allied designers, designers and contractors for ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, electrical equipment and automation.

3. Management of the repair team and interaction with contractors.

4. Technical and architectural supervision.

5. Periodic cost reporting.

The cost depends on the complexity of the object, the amount of work, functions, the number of contractors and craftsmen involved.