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Architectural supervision ONLINE !!! ⠀

Architectural supervision ONLINE !!! ⠀

It would seem that the project is ready, approved and really like the customer, contains detailed and exhaustive information.

Go ahead, do it!

But this is only at first glance. Repair and construction work is a dynamic and large-scale process during which problems arise that could not be foreseen and, moreover, solved at the preparatory stage.

🔥 Regular visits to the construction site ONLINE VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS.⠀ 🔥 Checking the correctness of the design-related work. ONLINE VIDEO COMMUNICATION⠀ 🔥 Answers to customer questions, coordination of builders VIDEO COMMUNICATION ONLINE⠀ 🔥 The rational introduction of forced adjustments or wishes of the customer, which at the stage of repair is still realistic to implement ONLINE VIDEO CONNECTION!

🔥 Informing the client about the need to order materials, shortcomings at the stages of their construction and how to adjust them. VIDEO COMMUNICATION ONLINE! The main reason for refusing to exercise supervision is the conviction that these works are unimportant and the reluctance of additional expenses. In fact, this is an investment in a guaranteed good repair that is most appropriate for the project and saves money, time and effort on cooperation and control of the construction team, which remains to be found! ______________________________ WhatsApp +380632526791 +380674466821

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