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Order a design remotely?

Use quarantine time to your advantage! One of the most common questions is: when is it best to start working with a designer online, how to do it effectively?

And we boldly answer: To understand your taste, we just need to talk to you on the phone. Years of experience give a good result.

We build houses in Berlin and New Jersey, decorate interiors in Vienna, Warsaw, Prague and The Hague - and all this without leaving the place. Our successful projects in the online format - London "Marriott", Warsaw "Sheraton", boutique "Dior" Vienna and hundreds of houses and apartments throughout Europe and Ukraine.

Contact the designer at the time of purchase. New, secondary housing or only under construction - it does not matter, because without leaving the house you can send the designer project documentation to inspect the original layout, give advice on choosing from the available options based on professional experience.

As without seeing a living object, Ask you can you do everything right and better? Experience is our answer! more than 15 years of practice give the result: "Wake me up at night and ask how best to place furniture in the living room, bedroom or bathroom, and I will answer you correctly if you tell which side of the world the windows face"

Years and years of observing how the interior is built from empty walls to playing with rays of light on the verge of beveling mirrors. At any time after buying a home. We are convinced that everyone deserves to live in an ideal interior.

And we contribute to this in every way. Finding a designer is an important and tedious event that needs to start early, putting time into a quality creation.

project and repair. The time we spend creating something new, unique and 100% yours, including hours of shopping and studio trips, measurements, creating ideas and compositions, designing and visualizing the finished version. But we love what we do and write it for one purpose only - to save your time. After all, the sooner you find your designer, the sooner you will be able to call in a brand new apartment.

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