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November 30, 2016

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Apartment in River Stone from studio FoxLab interior 130m2
Photo session of one of the favorite realized apartments by the FoxLab interior team from the project to the last thread on the curtains))
Good accent, so simple ... And easy, without too much pathos ....
The interior makes you hold your breath and enjoy the interior, which is so skillfully built on details.
The warmth of the hearth lives in every decision.
Fascinating tenderness gives soft tones of materials-shaded in beautifully selected textiles and amazing paintings, specially made for our project talented Decor studio "I-Kat decor"
Many thanks to the customers of FoxLab interior for their complete confidence and appreciation of the result of our work.
For your smiles, we are always happy to do more!

Best regards, FoxLab interior team!










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