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November 30, 2016

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Perfect bathroom design in the Rosa Bianca project by foxlabinterior

Rosa Bianca
The airy, light, cozy and beautiful interior of the apartment is 100m2 in French Quarter 2 from the studio FoxLab interior. The delicate smell of white roses, fresh frosty air, soft cashmere blanket ... Everything you need sometimes to feel at home) in your ideal world. The layout of the apartment visually a little upset the customer with a smaller area than expected. Designers studio FoxLab interior offered redevelopment of the apartment in such a way that the studio has increased, the corridors have virtually disappeared, and living rooms and bathrooms have acquired a new look.

Floor coverings, wall decoration and decorative panels were applied with the idea of ​​maximizing the space, as well as increasing the height of the ceiling vertical lights, reinforced with a contrasting color. Kitchen in a niche, hid as well as possible from prying eyes. The right side of the center of the living room is located dining on the site of the planned developer balcony. Redevelopment formed a spacious hall with an entrance to the bedroom. The bedroom, a very small, but cozy and warm finish allowed to make it comfortable.

At the entrance is located wardrobe behind the hidden facades. And the most delicious highlight of the project is the bath-dream of any girl: private spa area with a window, a free-standing comfortable bath and an incredibly beautiful finish. Gold heated towel rail: Hot Art HotArt Gabbana looks so chic! Gentle and warm lighting on a brilliant mosaic enhances the effect of luxury! All the details in the interior are thought out to the smallest detail. The implementation process started, wait for the photo!)













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