Natural interior design of an apartment 130m2
in LCD RiveStone from studio FoxLab interior.
Frosted, soft tactile materials and warm colors envelop in comfort, and the abundance of living greenery in the interior of hanging plants and living walls creates a fresh, relaxing atmosphere in the apartment.
The combination of the texture of natural stone and high-quality wood tiles in the bathrooms
imitates the monumental decisions inherent in private homes, brings to the interior a sense of stability, reliability and fundamentality.
The space of the studio separates the kitchen area, but still the idea of ​​a single space with the living and dining room dominates, visually enlarging the interior.
In the bedroom, in the nursery and on the loggia, the designers continued the theme of natural interior, expressed it mainly in pleasant and textured materials and soft lighting.
The whole interior looks one and complete.

project from FoxLab interior!
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