In Ukraine, and in the world, so few beautiful and fresh hotels! And you want to spend your Weekend not only pleasantly, but also in an enthusiastic and royal atmosphere! The interior of the Presidential suite, which area is 100m2, in the new hotel from FoxLab interior! The grand and unexpected interior of the Presidential Suite in Ukraine impresses with its luxury and unique style. Expensive and unusual wall decoration

solutions underline architectural solutions.

Thus, the bearing pillars along the walls, with an unusual trapezoidal shape creating a problem in the decoration and planning of free space, played a design element. Extensions from the bottom up, as if crushed, so they issued the glass, emphasized feature. Arched windows set the tone for classicism, which the designers called to proportional compositional solutions. And modern materials have given a fresh atmosphere. Living room, equipped with a studio area

Room is equipped with all possible technological innovations. The spacious living room accommodates the lounge, dining and bar areas. Directly at the entrance is a fireplace, warm flame welcomes guests in the winter Christmas weather. Separate attention deserves a bedroom with a grand and absolutely chic bathroom. Golden metal partitions cover the toilet and shower area. Decorating the walls with a slab of semi-precious stone amethyst, can not be compared with another.