Very beautiful and harmonious interior of the apartment for a young family with a child,

The project is a perfect example of a modern interior with a hint of art deco in the trend of 2016.

In general colors and materials, designers focused on

Italian brands Armani Casa, and RedecoHome. 

The dominant symmetric compositions, contrasting, with vertical dynamics, visually raise the ceiling and give a festive and elegant atmosphere to the interior. The interior highlight is podiums with plants, fenced with chrome-plated structures that play the role of framing the entrance to the main studio room.

The design is filled with comfortable B & B furniture and chic finishing materials - veneered columns, with mirror inserts, 3d panels on the central wall, Roberto Cavalli tiles, interior and sliding Longhy doors. Soft, warm lighting in the living room, bedroom and bathrooms creates an intimate and relaxing home-like atmosphere .

project from FoxLab interior!
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