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foxlab interior




Working on this interior, the designers of FoxLab Studio wanted to create a cozy, airy space, to avoid the minimalism of the vagueness, while remaining within the framework of brevity.
The studio is divided conditionally with the help of structural elements and lighting into three main zones, a kitchen and a dining room. The interior is made in contrasting colors. The restraint of the matte surfaces of the walls compensates for the brilliance of glass doors, tables, wall panels and furniture fronts, designed by FoxLab.
Accent panel Crazy Paper Animal with original decors, awakens the imagination, saturates the interior in a bright, memorable way.
Laconic bedroom with dressing room, made in the general color scheme, does not contain anything superfluous and contributes to proper rest.
A large shower room with a washbasin and a full-wall mirror built into the huge countertop is finished with semi-smoked porcelain stoneware
Ceramica di Rex- preserves the harmony of design and ergonomics.
Various lighting scenarios in all rooms, highlighting or shading certain areas, allow you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the interior.