Home blossoming sakura The amazing and impressive interior of the house in the city of Dnepr from the studio FoxLab will not leave anyone indifferent. The modern laconic exterior does not give a riddle and a surprise, the luxury of waiting for you inside! A whole fantastic world opens from the very threshold of the house: The incredible scale of contrasting and vivid vertical structures that enhance the height of the premises, which in turn is offset by a dome illumination and an accent texture of the floor.

The dining area located in the center of the house is the central focus of the hall. The carriage supports of the house on both sides of the dining room dissolved in a mirror finish, and tropical plants attracted this wonderful oasis to the incredible dragonfly of Dragonfly, the captivating and bright creator of Michele Astolfi. The huge aquarium, located between the dining room and the sofa zone, is filled with exotic liveliness and enhances the impressive atmosphere. The kitchen and living room are located on both sides of the dining room and are not inferior to its functionality and comfort. The cabinet is designed behind a glass interactive showcase behind the living room. On the second floor there are planned private cozy sleeping rooms and no less striking baths.This interior will satisfy any, the biggest ambitions of the successful owners of the house and will impress, leaving an unforgettable impression and a sense of delight even the most sophisticated guests!