Original, modern interior. House 180m2 from the FoxLab interior studio. Ultra-innovative materials and solutions, sophisticated designs and creative project ideas open up a new look to the interior and inspire. The spacious, well-lit rooms and high ceilings allowed the use of a rather rich and dark range of finishing materials. The game of light and shadow for everyone creates a special, pleasant and relaxing home atmosphere. On the ground floor there is a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a study room and a bathroom.Salues ​​and bathrooms are located on the second floor. The master bedroom, with the entrance to its own bathroom and wardrobe, is located behind the head of the bed, executed in the most serious and emotionally rich mood.

The room for the eldest son is more democratic and youthful: a low bed on a wooden podium optimally divides the area of ​​the room into secluded functional areas: the bedroom and working area. Children's play for the girl, made in neutral tones - and will allow you to change the interior of the room with the help of seven-color accents (pillows, curtains, carpet) for the mood). Bathrooms are a simple dream! Dark plumbing and tile, it can be practical, only if there is a window. And in these bathrooms with daylight-problems there is no problem. A sophisticated console style ladder design, creating a game of light and shadow looks very easy and effective. The bold, bright accented furniture made a unique image for a constructive interior.

project from FoxLab interior!
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