Foxlab interior design studio presents an interesting design of a designer interior in a modern style of a two-level apartment with a terrace in Kiev on Dneprovskaya Quay 26 with a total area of ​​180m2. The usual layout has become a spacious and functional studio with unusual solutions and bright ideas. Under the stairs, designers have placed a living area. The first step of the ladder serves as a container for planting. The lack of light to the plants is compensated by special UF lamps, located under each step, which in turn also carries the function of stage lighting.

Chairs Caprice, in the dining group, world famous designers Philippe Starck, were chosen in a light green finish not by chance, their shape resembles leaves, and play out the idea of ​​natural motifs in the interior. Lamps Chandelier Fusion chandelier is the best way to focus attention on the dining area. On the second floor there is a separated bedroom, nursery, bathroom and a lounge with access to the terrace.