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foxlab interior






Impeccable penthouse interior 110m2 from studio FoxLab_interior.
Project "Above the Clouds", Kiev.Ukraine.2017
Being in these apartments, you can feel like a bird hovering over the city, feel the fullness of life, rise above all the problems
stay alone with sensations and hear your desires.
The most breathtaking natural scenery is available here — you can watch the inspiring morning dawn, or the romantic
pacifying sunset, feel all the power and strength of a thunderstorm, stay "inside the clouds", see a round rainbow or admire the unique night city.
To achieve the effect of "airiness", the layout of the premises was thought out by the designers as open as possible, the standard glazing was redone into panoramic windows, and the radiators are hidden under the floor. The interior of the main rooms in white color changes the tone depending on the lighting and the color of the sky, and the glossy surfaces create its reflection, thereby creating a feeling of a single whole with the space outside the windows.
The conciseness of straight lines is diluted with 3D panels simulating flames, and various lighting scenarios provide the functionality and atmosphere of each zone. Automatic roleta on windows, as well as lighting, are controlled programmatically.
Bedrooms with built-in walk-in closets, made in muted tones of "quiet" materials with warm lighting and light curtains on the windows, contribute to proper rest.
In the spacious bathroom there is a combination of black marble with wood and stone mosaics. In addition to the bathroom, there is a spacious shower room with a luminous ceiling that imitates natural lighting. Laundry room rendered in a separate room.
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